About MaxPassword

MaxPassword is a pocket-sized device that lets you login to your account using long and complex passwords.

Using our MaxPassword device and password manager app, you can easily send passwords to your MAC or Windows PC with just a few taps.

MaxPassword allows sending up to 512 character long passwords!


Connect via Bluetooth

Connects with Bluetooth through IOS or ANDROID device such as an iphone/ipad/android phone/android tablet.

MaxPassword device plugs directly into your USB port on a MAC or Windows PC.

Product Features

USB Device that supports Bluetooth access directly to your Bluetooth LE 4.0 device. A Password Manager app to go along with MaxPassword device.

Portable, Easy To Use

Small size, just plug in, connect, and you are ready to go!

Password Manager : Features

Safely store your Usernames and Passwords profiles. Support for built in Password Generator.

User Friendly

Easily send usernames and passwords to your Mac/Windows PC through MaxPassword with a few taps.

Password Manager: Military Grade Secure Vault

Your password manager vault is encrypted End to End using Military Grade AES 256-Bit Encryption.

Cross Mobile Platform Support

Password Manager will be for both Android and IOS devices.

Anti-Theft By Design

If MaxPassword is stolen, it poses no threat to your password manager app vault from being compromised.

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Core Features

Do you have a 100 character gmail password or 100 character password for facebook?

Up Your Password Game

Convert your accounts shorter passwords to unique strong complex generated long passwords.


Android and iOS Apps

Use the Password Manager companion app to keep track of your profiles, usernames, and passwords.

Use Bluetooth and USB on your PC/Mac

Send usernames and passwords from your IOS/Android device to your MAC/PC in a few taps.


Why use MaxPassword?

  • Portable Device
  • Password Manager app for Android and iOS
  • No longer require you to type out lengthy passwords on your Mac/PC
  • Allows you to maximize password length on your login accounts
  • MaxPassword device does not store your vault data
  • Stealing the device does not compromise your password manager app vault

Interested in MaxPassword?

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